Because of their critically acclaimed work in the Miami dining scene, Rapicavoli and Martinez, alongside top chefs and bartenders from 5 major cities across the U.S, were awarded the opportunity to travel to Cognac as part of the new Atelier of Taste program presented by Grey Goose vodka. While there, the group learned about the complex interplay between flavor and technique from two industry icons – Chef Alain Ducasse and Grey Goose Cellar Master François Thibault – with the intention to explore food and vodka cocktail pairings. The group was also among the first to work with Grey Goose Interpreted by Ducasse, which recently launched in the Miami market. The newest iteration of Grey Goose pioneers a new vodka category aptly named “Vodka Gastronomique”, celebrating the notion that vodka can be enjoyed with food.

Having since returned home to Miami, the two culinary talents are thrilled to introduce Vodka Gastronomique to the Miami market for the first time. The evening will showcase an a la carte style menu - featuring great cocktails made with Grey Goose Interperted by Ducasse paired with small bites - along with tunes from local musician Chantil Dukart.